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Live analytics tracking

Merge Status

A merge status column will be created automatically by Emerge after sending email in your spreadsheet. This special column stores information about each recipient row.

Tracking details in merge status column

The merge status column not only tells you if your email has been sent successfully, but also if it was opened or clicked. It shows this information:

  • SENT: Emerge has sent your emails successfully.
  • OPENED: Email was opened by one of your recipients.
  • CLICKED: Link inside your email has been clicked.


Emerge will be able to show ‘Opened’ and ‘Clicked’ statuses only if you have enabled ‘Open Tracking’ when sending the email campaign. The ‘Opened’ and ‘Clicked’ statuses are updated in realtime when the Emerge window is open. If you have just opened the spreadsheet and want to see the latest status, simply open the Emerge window: Add-ons > Emerge: Mail Merge > Open Emerge

Analytics Dashboard

When all emails have been sent, Emerge generates a tracking report with emails opened and clicked. You can view these details on Emerge dashboard after all the emails have been sent.

Tracking details on Emerge dashboard

The tracking report on the dashboard of Emerge summarizes information about emails clicked and opened and shows this information about the recipients of your email campaign:

  • Devices (Desktop, Mobile etc.)
  • Cities
  • Browsers
  • Platforms (Operating system)

Using Google Analytics

You can also use Google analytics for addition tracking information of your campaign. First, turn on Google analytics option in advanced preferences and fill in the necessary fields.

Turn on google analytics

Details required for Google Analytics tracking include:

  • Tracking ID: Use the same Tracking ID as your site. This will allow Client IDs and User IDs to work across devices and media types. The measurement ID / web property ID. The format is UA-XXXX-Y. All collected data is associated by this ID
  • Campaign source : Specify the campaign source.
  • Campaign ID: Specify the campaign ID.
  • Campaign name: Specify the campaign name.


For more information on using Google Analytics for email tracking you can read more about Email Tracking – Measurement Protocol and Measurement Protocol parameter reference.