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SMTP integration


This feature is only available in the Marketer plan.

What is SMTP?

(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) SMTP is an international electronic standard for transmission of emails. All bulk and transactional emails are sent using an SMTP server. There are many options for SMTP service providers. With cloud-based SMTP services, you can send marketing emails and transactional emails to your entire mailing list without being limited to Gmail’s per day quota and without needing to support your own email server.

Using an SMTP relay service with Emerge is quite simple. All you need to do is sign-up for an SMTP relay service of your choice, add and verify your domain name and then get four pieces of information: your username, password, the SMTP server host name, and the SMTP port. Add these into Emerge’s SMTP configuration settings, and you’re ready to send with SMTP.

How to use SMTP with Emerge?

To use the SMTP service with Emerge turn on the use SMTP option in preferences.

Enter your SMTP service credentials

  • Host Name – This is the server name for your SMTP server. For example, Gmail’s hostname is:
  • Port – This is the port that your mail server expects communication to come through. In most cases, this will be 465 for a secure (SSL) connection or 25 if not.
  • Authentication and SSL – Does your mail server require authentication and/or SSL connections
  • Username and Password – The username and password for the mail account itself